Friday, May 8, 2009

One of our Nancys

Yarn, thread, weeds, wood, all natural fibers have moved me, since I was child weaving pot holders under a tree on a hot day. Basket weaving for me started about 20 years ago on a hang gliding trip with Dolores von Rosen and our men. The men went off early one morning and Dolores drew me into her weaving web in a dim orange and brown motel room, where hanks of reed were hanging everywhere. Looking now at my first basket, the whole scene comes back and makes me laugh. After that day, she could count on me for years to attend her basket workshops.

When Dolores after retirement moved back to South Carolina, I decided to teach workshops in my basement for a few years, while continuing to learn from Grace Kabel and other Michigan weavers. The von Rosen friendship stayed alive with our US/Canada trips back and forth - always including basket weaving. One can never be skilled enough or run out of design ideas - I was hooked.

After retiring from 40 years of teaching special education, I became a more active member in the SOBG, and my basement stash of fiber is once again multiplying like a friendly monster no matter how often I cull. I am so lucky to have a guild within driving distance with talented, interesting, lively, and lovely people.


Pamela Zimmerman said...

very nice blog you have here! Thanks for sharing!

Southwestern Ontario Basketry Guild said...

Hi Pamela,

Thanks for leaving a comment. Your web site is well worth a visit. The miniature horsehair baskets are mind boggling!