Saturday, November 18, 2017

November workshop with Karen Kotecki

Guild member Karen Kotecki taught students how to make a six-sided basket! This lovely hanging basket is woven on a mold (which we learned how to make) and we all made multiple hexahedrons. Karen provided a variety of coloured reed, wooden beads and waxed linen, so we could customize our ornaments. Guild member shared a learning weaving experience and a special potluck lunch. Thanks to everyone who came to the workshop on Saturday.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

September workshop with Nancy Hager

Guild member Nancy Hager taught a beautiful six-pointed star basket using dyed reed donated by the Elizabeth Evans family. The base of the basket, with a hexagonal pattern, was a learning experience for many students but we all went home with a unique basket.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

July workshop with Martina Obersat

Guild member Martina Obersat taught an introductory random weave basket. After the ribbed melon basket structure was completed, the bowl of the basket was woven randomly--with a variety of reed widths, sizes and colours available. Every basket was different and many students enjoyed working randomly, without a pattern.
Thank you so much to the family of Elizabeth Evans for donating their mother's reed to the Guild--we used her beautifully dyed reeds for these baskets and will use more in the upcoming six-point star basket taught by Nancy Hager in September .

Beautifully dyed reed by Elizabeth Evans.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

June workshop with Dale Adamson

Gourd specialist Dale Adamson taught us to decorate a gourd using alcohol inks--every vessel was different. Creating a kumihimo braid was new to many and added a unique finishing element to the painted gourds.


Saturday, May 20, 2017

May workshop with Karen Kotecki

Guild member Karen Kotecki taught us to weave a basket our a mirror! We used the round reed to twine, wale and create a lovely braid. When completed, the mirror is ready to hang.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

March workshop with Edy Marlatt

Guild member Edy Marlatt introduced Southwestern Ontario Basketry Guild students to a new technique this workshop--wet felting. Edy supplied locally dyed wools in a beautiful array of colours and away we went. We wetted the material down, agitated and compressed the woolen layers until it was firmed enough to shape a bowl.   

Saturday, February 18, 2017

February workshop with Nancy Hager

Member Nancy Hager taught the Southwestern Ontario Basketry Guild students how to make a small handled basket. It looked simple but had a nice mix of techniques. We all went home with a lovely little basket!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

January workshop with Martina Obersat

Member Martina Obersat taught the Southwestern Ontario Basketry Guild students how to make a small basket using Danish paper cord. The material was new to everyone and everyone completed at least one basket, and some even two. A nice way to spend a cold winter Saturday.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 program

The Southwestern Ontario Basketry Guild is working on the 2017 basketry workshop program. The year promises to be filled with new and challenging baskets and techniques.

January 21
Martina Obersat - Onion/garlic basket - all skill levels
This open-weave basket is the perfect addition to any kitchen! Not only is it a lovely form but very functional--allowing good air circulation around garlic or onions to maintain freshness for weeks.
Students will learn to work with Danish cord, a tightly woven paper cord traditionally used to weave Scandinavian modern chair seat and how to hand-shape the form. This basket is surprisingly sturdy! The basket height measures about six inches (eight inches to top of handle) and the opening is about four inches and decorated with waxed linen and beans (choice of colours).

basket_Danish_cord 006
Hanging basket for garlic or small onions, woven with Danish cord.
February 18
Nancy Hager - Small-handled basket - all skill levels
Learn to weave a 2/2 twill with a Japanese  weave in this small-handled basket. The handle is attached and wrapped with caning. This lovely catch-all is the perfect size (3 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 7" tall) for a hostess gift.
Small-handled basket with a 2/2 twill pattern.

March 18
Edy Marlatt - Wet felted bowl - all skill levels
Create a small, multilayered basket or bowl using the wet felting technique. Make an unusual woolen basket using a traditional felting technique.

April 15
No workshop today.

May 20
Karen Kotecki - Braided mirror - all skill levels
Mirror itself is 9” diameter; 10-1/2” diameter with braid
Use your round reed skills to weave a basket around a mirror! Start on the back to create the woven cage that captures the mirror. Set up a base, twine to secure, then split spokes into two with simple twining. Learn to add a spoke to start the 3-rod waling that will split the spokes into singles. Finish with multiple rows of waling, just enough to bring you to the edge and form the pockets for the bi-spoking.
With all spokes added, turn the mirror over to work on the front side. Back to simple twining to capture and space the spokes, now worked in groups of three. A simple braid technique curves the spokes outward toward the edge of the mirror. Secure with a twined arrow color accent. One final step finishes the horse shoe braid. A burlap ribbon hanger makes it ready for your special place.
 The mirror is specially prepared by Karen with an added cork backing to deter breakage and cling film on the front to prevent possible scratching during weaving.

Braided mirror using round reed.
Braided mirror using round reed (back).
June 17 - Dale Adamson - Gourd gesso - all skill levels
Students will be able to artistically decorate a gourd using alcohol inks and learn how to coil with paper twist or kumihimo braid (learn how to weave a kumihimo braid).

Decorated gourd with coiled rims and handles.

July 15 - Martina Obersat - Random weave basket - all skill levels
Martina Obersat will teach a random weave basket with reed. Learn to create a basic rib basket structure (two 8-inch hoops, three-point lashing and ribs) and then fill in the spaces between the ribs randomly using a variety of reed sizes and colours. The flow and ebb of the reed will dictate the overall look of the basket. Guaranteed: every basket with be unique!

August 19 - Edy Marlatt - Dyeing workshop - all skill levels
Edy Marlatt will host a dyeing workshop. She will show students the difference between a variety of dyes--fibre reactive, indigo, cochineal, acid and walnut. Workstations will be set up and students can bring objects to dye, such as fabrics, wood and obviously basketmaking reed.

September 16 - Nancy Hager - Six-point star basket
Nancy Hager will teach the beautiful six-point star basket using flat reed. Learn to create a hexagonal weave base and the sides of the basket are a sturdy plain weave. Basket dimensions are about 8 1/2" base and 4" height with the opening about 10".

**Please note: This workshop will be taught at the Active Lifestyle Centre, 20 Merritt Avenue, Chatham, Ontario, not at the Chatham Cultural Centre. The workshop start time will also change to 10 am (class will end by 4 pm). Sorry for any inconvenience.**

Six-point star basket.

October 21
No workshop today. CANCELLED

November 18 - Karen Kotecki - Hexahedron
Karen Kotecki will teach a basket with six sides and woven on a mold! Students will learn the basic techniques, using reed, before lunch and weave another one after lunch with colours and patterns of your own design. Also learn to make your own mold.

Please join us for our Annual General Meeting and potluck lunch.

Hexahedron - plain and patterned