Sunday, December 4, 2011

2012 Program

January 21:  AGM
Twill Banded Market Basket
Instructor:  Nancy Hager

February 18:  Finish Market Basket Handle
Begin Judy K Wilson Waxed Linen Kits

Your choice of kit.  Sample is "Beginnings Basket".

March 17:  Judy K Wilson Waxed Linen Kits
Resource Person:  Loretta Roberts

Your choice of kit.  Sample is "Del Rio".

April 21: 8th Anniversary Meeting
Ribbed Hearth Basket by Lyn Siler
Instructor:  Linda Dobinson

May 19:  Adirondack Backpack
Instructor:  Wanda Haydt

June 16:  Bean Pot
Instructor:  Julie Simpson

July 21:  Footed Quatrefoil Provender
Instructor:  Karen Kotecki

August 18:  Looped Rim Bowl by Ann Rolf
Instructor:  Linda Dobinson

September 15:  Decorative Overlay Wastebasket
Instructor:  Dolores von Rosen

October 20:  Beginner Willow
Instructors:  Frances Thorn & Lene Rasmussen

November 17:  Eva's Tote
Instructor:  Wanda Haydt

Pot Luck Meal at Noon

Sunday, November 20, 2011

October/November Sewing Basket Workshop

The photograph speaks for itself.  Instructor Linda successfully led her students through the steps to creation of these stunning sewing baskets and the proud smiles of the students are a testament to her skill.

Today was devoted to construction of the ornate lids.  The atmosphere in studio 2 was calm but rich with the pleasure of gathering together to share the enjoyment of basketmaking.  Translation:  we had a great time!

Julie writes:  Weaving a lid for a basket - Success!
I've finally done it and with some practice I think that I may attempt a basket with a lid again.  This was the second guild meeting devoted to an Algonquin Sewing Basket and most people in the class were smiling by the end of the workshop.  We were done, our lids fit and the baskets looked great.  Very few people were taking home unfinished baskets that would be waiting to be completed - just another item on the To Be Finished List.  Weaving this basket presented new techniques, thus making it challenging, but the results are terrific and I have a real sense of accomplishment.  Now it's on to the next basket.  I can hardly wait.  Thank you, Linda!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June Pinwheel Basket Workshop

Taught by Wanda Haydt of WH Baskets, this little sweetie has an oval wooden base and an easy curved upsett.  The challenge came near the end with the round reed swirls.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

OHS Conference

The guild is a member of Ontario Handweavers and Spinners and our part in their 2011 conference, "Going Back to Woodstock" was to provide baskets as banquet table centrepieces.  Our 2010 program was structured to help members learn the skills they would need to create rib baskets which would fit the "back to nature" theme.  Our baskets all looked beautiful and were gratefully received.  Here are a few photos.