Saturday, September 21, 2019

September workshops with Michigan basketmaker Gina Kieft

The Southwestern Ontario Basketry Guild hosted Michigan basketmaker Gina Kieft, from, for two days of weaving. Both days Gina taught three different baskets (from beginner to advanced) to students with different basket skill levels. It was impressive to watch!

On Friday, the workshops were held in the garage of Guild member Nancy--almost weaving outdoors on a very warm (almost) fall day. The beginner level was a large reed basket woven on a slotted base with a sturdy rim and handles. Other students wove black ash to create a flat patterned piece to be framed in Gina's spalted handmade frames. We all completed our basket projects . 

On Saturday, the workshops taught by Gina Kieft were at the Chatham Cultural Centre. Gina taught three different baskets at three different skill levels. All of us gained in our knowledge and skills with this workshop.