Friday, December 18, 2009

2010 Guild Workshop Program

JANUARY & FEBRUARY - Twill Tote in two tone reed.
Hannah’s Marriage Basket from Lyn Siler’s “The Basket Book”
Guild Workshop leaders Germaine Osborn & Nancy Hager

FEBRUARY - Willow Tension Tray
Guild Workshop leader Frances Thorn

MARCH - Free-Form Coiling on a Gourd
Guild Workshop leader Catherine Devine

APRIL - Rib Construction, basic technique - 10" Melon basket
Guest instructor Cherilyn Braun

MAY - Connie’s Carrier in flat reed - a great basket for your vehicle
Guild Workshop leader Wanda Haydt

JUNE - Rib Construction - Four 8-hour workshops in willow
Guest Instructor Jo Campbell-Amsler
Gypsy Melon Basket & Wisteria Bowl - Chatham
Willow Ridge Herb Basket and Charm Basket - Strathroy

JULY - Garden Harvest pattern by Debbie Richards, flat oval & round reed on a wooden base
Guild Workshop leader Linda Dobinson

AUGUST - Morning - Modified Gretchen rim on Garden Harvest basket, Afternoon - open weave and instruction on gathering natural materials for fall workshops.

SEPTEMBER - Rib Construction on Antler and Driftwood - Two day workshops, Chatham - antler and Strathroy - driftwood.  Guest Instructor Sharon Breckenridge


OCTOBER - Begin weaving of the OHS 2011 Conference banquet centrepiece baskets.

NOVEMBER - Complete OHS 2011 Conference banquet centrepiece baskets
Potluck meal at noon

The focus of the Program for our Guild in 2010 will be on rib basketry and naturals, and as you can see from the above list of guest teachers, we will have lots of expert help in this department. Our goal is to create the centrepieces for the 2011 Ontario Handweavers & Spinners conference, "Back to Woodstock" that will be held in Woodstock, Ontario April 15th to 17th, 2011. This promises to be another great year for the Southwestern Ontario Basketry Guild!

November - Two for the Price of One!

Two mini-workshops were featured simultaneously so the large group was divided into 2 classes of 8. Some students made a pretty star of willow taught by Frances Thorn and some created a plaited box of paper, either brown wrapping paper or Christmas gift wrap, taught by Nancy Hager. People loved their little star and the paper patterns were amazing.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

October Extravaganza - Two Workshops!

Two days with guest instructor, Dolores von Rosen and learning to create her own hexagonal overlay weave market basket, what could be better? A class of 14 students set to work adding stakes to a large oval wooden base. As members worked through the process, a unique basket emerged.

A few of the students with their finished baskets.

Since there was a limit of 14 for Dolores' class, an additional one day workshop was offered to accommodate other guild members. They wove a large market basket in gorgeous colours hand dyed by instructor, Linda Dobinson. Some had finished their basket by the end of the day, quite an accomplishment.

Here is an excerpt from an account written by member Ruth Ann Wilhelm and published in the guild newsletter, WeaveScape.

As I was working at weaving the hexagonal outer wall of the basket that Dolores von Rosen, our friend from South Carolina, had been teaching, I felt joy in seeing the coming together, the understanding of how the spoke-weavers intermingled to become the final product. It was a moment of delight! I quietly shared the thought with Maggie, saying that I didn’t want to say it out loud when others were struggling with broken spokes. But the truth is that I, too, had the same problem with two of my spokes and did the repair work. Those broken spokes did not dim the creative pleasure of it all coming together. And as we laughed about it the whole group knew my feelings!

There was the Rainbow Market Basket made by Linda, to be filled with goodies from the rest of us, as our donation to the facility that is our home for creativity once a month. I love it!

Some of the other talk in the room made reference to the grey hairs…too bad that there are not more young women to join us…and maybe they will when their hair turns and they have time after finishing child-rearing. Maybe they’ll follow in their mothers’ creative footsteps as some of us have done.

There is the comforting and solid stream of connection through the ages, women creating, sharing, giving…and the wonder of each and all of our “new” creations of the day!