Friday, October 31, 2014

2015 Program

January 17:  AGM
Nancy Hager - Square basket with woven overlay, flat oval & round reed, woven staked base using screw block - intermediate skill level

February 21:  FIFI Day - find it and finish it.  Bring that basket that is still at home and complete it using skills of other members to help with the tricky parts

March 21:  Dolores Von Rosen - "Hills & Valleys", natural materials on a wood base - all skill levels

April 18:  Nancy Latchford - Coiled basket on a wood base - intermediate skill level.  Shawl pin kits for sale.

May 16: Catherine Devine and Lorna Garton  - Pentland Pottery Basket - all skill levels.
A round-shaped basket using flat and round reed with a tucked rim. Excellent for using up small bits of left-over flat reed. Good pratice shaping. Pattern used with permission from Billie Ruth Sudduth.
Approximate size: 8"H x 10"W x 10"D.

June 20Alice Lingard - Round Reed Basket - all skill levels
Learn to weave a round basket with an accent band and colour variations, emphasizing colours to make a pattern in the basket.

July 18Dale Adamson - Spiral Round Basket - intermediate skill level
Learn how to create a spiral ornament on a three-rod wale hand-shaped round reed basket. Thanks to Dolores von Rosen for sharing this pattern with the Guild.
Approximate basket size: 7" high, 5" wide

August 15Wanda Haydt - Bicycle/tote basket - all skill levels
Learn to weave a practical bicycle basket with reed.

September 19:  Karen KoteckiAshton Black Ash Bowl - all skill levels
Learn to use black ash to weave a hand-shaped bowl with ash ornament and footing.

October 17:  Chris Matthews - Basket made with denim - all skill levels

November 21:  Nancy Flickinger - Small reed sleigh on wood base with runners - all skill levels
Nancy Flickinger will teach variations of sleigh baskets for wire or wood runners - table centerpiece size. The pattern provided will be a guide only (using lashed rim and building/shaping rows), but weavers will be expected to be open to create size and colour differences. Experienced weavers may even want to do a braided rim. Decisions, decisions.
Pot Luck Meal at Noon

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Willow Retreat August 15 - 17

In an ideal location for a retreat, enjoy a workshop that will provide in-depth study and enough time to fully absorb the techniques presented.  Meet late afternoon Friday and begin your class after a light supper.  Saturday is a full day of instruction and weaving with a special presentation in the evening.  Finish up your weaving Sunday morning, have a delicious lunch and depart by 2:30 pm.    
14 hours of instruction.

BARK POUCH - Karen Tembreull
Skill Level - Intermediate to Advanced
$310 includes your instruction, materials, 
2 nights accommodation and meals


Beginning with a cedar bark twill base, students will twine to upsett their pouch.  Next, using handmade basswood fibre cordage, the first set supplied by the instructor, and willow bark, students will between weave twine a twill pattern using the three materials.  Following this with an accent of willow bark knots, students will be then be taught to make their own cordage and finish spaced twining to the rim which consists of a folded and lashed border.  More cordage will be made for either a short handle for a wall pouch or a longer strap if you would like to carry your pouch as a casual bag.  The three bark materials - inner cedar bark, willow bark and basswood bark fibre, work wonderfully together and many techniques are taught and learned in this exciting in-depth study piece.

Skill Level - Intermediate
$265 includes your instruction, materials,
2 nights accommodation and meals


Working with colourful willow organically grown at Lakeshore Willows, you will learn all the steps in constructing an oval Catalan base, then design and create your basket, choosing your siding weave and handle style.  Lene will focus on the finer points of stake and strand construction.  Students will learn how to improve and perfect their skills in the techniques of willow weaving.

INTERMEDIATE SKILL LEVEL means you have made a number of baskets and are familiar with basic weaves.

Karen Tembreull of L'Anse in northern Michigan

Karen has been making baskets since 1983 and teaching since the early 90s.  She weaves and teaches primarily with locally gathered materials.  Her baskets have won many awards including Best Teacher's Natural Piece at the 2013 AMB Convention and Best Professional Mixed Media piece at the NCBA Convention 2010.  Karen was inducted into the MSU Heritage Program - Heritage Basket Collection project where 3 baskets are in the permanent collection at the MSU Museum and in the accompanying book, Weaving History, a Basket Heritage Project.  Karen also has a basket featured in the recent Lark book 500 Baskets.  There is a feature article about Karen in The National Basketry Organization's latest Quarterly Review.

Artist Statement:
As an artist focused in basketry, my medium is derived primarily from my environment.  I am continually inspired by the abundance of natural material that surrounds me.  I find myself driven to experiment with barks, roots and fibers that seem to lend themselves to textile applications.  All harvesting is accomplished with an utmost respect for the environment and plant and only where permission is granted.  Care and patience is necessary in the gathering and processing of my material.  I enjoy combining traditional basketry techniques with other historical fiber arts such as piecework, lace making and fabrication.  My basketry forms are a celebration of the harmony that is intertwined between these materials and traditional techniques.

Lene Rasmussen of Wainfleet, Ontario

Lene runs Lakeshore Willows in Wainfleet, Ontario, where she grows about 30 varieties of cultured willow.  She works to contribute to a developing interest in willow and its many uses.  She finds that offering a product that is grown locally without the use of any chemicals and participating in re-introducing a very old craft is both exciting and satisfying.  Living in Denmark for most of her life, she has been able to connect with and learn from some of the finest willow artists in Denmark and continue to explore new ways of using old techniques in contemporary baskets and art.

June 2014 Kari Tray Workshop

Saturday, May 31, 2014

SOBG Display at Mood Indigo

Our guild participated in the 2014 OHS Southwest Regional Seminar, Mood Indigo by entering a display - the theme was "Anything Blue".  Another guild won the people's choice prize but we did show the 70 participants that we are out there and that we can make some gorgeous baskets.  Thanks to Frances and Wanda for doing this.

Friday, April 25, 2014

April 2014 Williamsburg Oak Splint Basket

March 2014 Birchbark Trinket Basket

First time as guild instructor, many thanks to member Janet!  Everyone loved their little basket and ended with nice soft hands, as the material had to be coated with cooking oil which was fully absorbed by the birchbark.  Amazing how it worked so well.

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 2014 Willow Star

Some members participated in the willow star workshop, others brought their own kits or finished up their baskets.  As always, we enjoy weaving together - it was a great day.

Wanda teaches this oak splint Williamsburg basket at the April meeting.