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September Naturals Workshop

With leaves of 3 different iris, daylily and cattail, together with palm inflorescences, philodendron sheaths and any other we could gather, we all had a day of extreme creativity, if there is such a thing. The mold was a large pickle jar and with a wooden base attached to the lid and stakes of 3/8" flat oval reed, chased weave of fine cane was used to hold in the stakes and make a beginning. In these photos we see the different baskets developing their own character and beauty. The stakes were set in beforehand to save class time and there's a photo taken on that day. It was quite a production line with 15 or so to do. The concept of finding materials in your own garden is one that inspires our members and we're looking forward to more of the same in 2010. For larger image, double click on photos.