Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2009 Program

When setting up the year's program, a range of techniques and materials is covered, from manufactured reed to naturals and from beginner to intermediate level. Monthly meetings feature a class for members and guests. Here is the look of the program for the current year including a couple of classes that were cancelled due to winter weather. A few kits for the February onion/garlic basket are available for $15.

JANUARY - Willow tension tray

FEBRUARY - Onion/garlic basket

MARCH - Coiling on a gourd

APRIL/MAY - Divided tool basket with swing handle

JUNE/JULY - Lined cat head bread basket with feathered corners

AUGUST - Round reed bowl

SEPTEMBER - Tapestry basket in natural materials

OCTOBER - 2 day workshop with Dolores Von Rosen featuring her award-winning double wall market basket with hexagonal overlay

NOVEMBER - Multi-coloured round reed decorator balls
- photo coming soon!

Some guild members are meeting in July to set up the 2010 program which will feature a number of rib basket techniques in a range of materials. Members please send your ideas to the Program Chair, Linda, or better still, come out to the meeting.


Edy M said...

This is a wonderful program...I'm having such a great time with the Basketry Guild! The instructors for the baskets are outstanding (and very patient)...gotta love 'em.
Edy :)

maggieJ said...

Hey, I figured out how to leave a comment!!! I am so enjoying being a part of SOBG. I've made four baskets now and each one has been challenging and interesting to make. I look forward to each new one and the instructors are awesome!
Thanks, all.
Maggie J.