Monday, March 8, 2010

Basketweaving Ahoy!

A what?!  Yes, a basket weaving cruise from chilly Port Canaveral to Nassau to beautiful and warm St. Thomas and San Marteen and back.  I'm not a foodie or a night owl, but Dolores vonRosen convinced me to sign up with news of the basket activities and wonderful description of her friend, Jane, for my cabin mate.

The trip was like a basket conference but on a giant ship holding almost 4000 guests and 1400 staff waiting on you with a smile.  It was complete with top notch teachers, a beautiful weaving room just for us, and about a hundred down to earth, creative, friendly weaver-types.  We had 3 days of weaving and 3 days of port tours, beaches, and sailboats.  Jane and I enjoyed a balcony room, which I highly recommend for people like me who get a bit claustrophobic.  The views of dolphins, birds, sunrise/set and islands from the balcony big enough to weave on, if desired, was worth the extra cost.

Our assigned dinner table of 10 had 6 weaving addicts and the men and children that serve them.  For 2 hours each night we had non stop fancy, rich food and hilarity.  Flo Hoppe's son, Jason, and vonRosen's daughter, Viveka, kept us laughing until our cheeks were sore.  With each day our added pounds pressed harder on our chairs to alarm our other cheeks.

This group is planning another cruise in 2012 to Costa Rica and Panama on a smaller ship.  So start saving.