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October 2012 Willow Workshop

Sunday, we worked outdoors - what a bonus! Some of the students from the Sunday class.

2013 Guild workshop program

January 19: AGM Woven Stool Seat Design with Flat Reed Self-directed - Wanda Haydt February 16: Rain Stick - Natural Materials Frances Thorn, Loretta Roberts March 16: Complete Rain Stick Frances Thorn, Loretta Roberts April 20: 10th Anniversary Celebration Wool Drying Basket    Instructor - Wanda Haydt May 18: Double Wall Market Basket Instructor - Linda Dobinson June 15: Complete Double Wall Market Instructor - Linda Dobinson July 20: Gourd Class Instructor - Catherine Devine August 17: Open Weave Your Choice of Project September 21:  Swedish Paper Stars Instructor - Nancy Hager October 19: Coloured Willow Tray Instructor - Frances Thorn November 16:  Victorian Sleigh Instructor - Janet LaMonte Potluck Meal at Noon