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April Melon Basket Workshop

I joyously participated in Cherilyn Fontana’s Melon Basket workshop on April 17th.  She led us so smoothly and painlessly through the basket steps, it was hard to imagine coming home with anything less than a flawless result.  I wasn’t the only one who appreciated the continuously calm and patient approach of Cherilyn and the equally skilled Gina Zientara, who assisted.  A bonus opportunity was being able to try out some unfamiliar but very useful tools which were available for purchase.  I particularily love my new scissors and shaver.  It was a fun day and I wouldn’t hesitate to take a workshop with Cherilyn again if I got the chance.  Janice T. Everyone celebrated the guild's 7th anniversary with a piece of luscious chocolate cake!

March Gourd Workshop

What a great day!  Thanks to Catherine for all of her hard work in putting together this workshop.  So many options to little time.  I had a great time doing this workshop.  As always, everyone had chosen colours and textures that I wish I had done.  I was really pleased with the way the open coiling was more freestyle and allowed for a variety of placements.  Add in some beading and some textured yarn and Voila!...coiling masterpieces!  I did have some issues with breaking my needles but three was the charm and completion was a success.  There was a lot of giggling followed by ooohs and aaahs that day that makes these workshops priceless.  Edy M. Photos by Linda I.