Sunday, October 17, 2010

2011 Program

January 15: AGM
Shaker Cheese Style Oval Bread Basket
Instructors - Janice Tennant & Frances Thorn

February 19: Grab & Go Basket
Instructor - Wanda Haydt

March 19: Pine Needle Coiling 
Instructor - Catherine Devine

Cracker Basket Kit from Prim Pines

April 16: 8th Anniversary Meeting
Wine Basket with Divider
Instructor - Nancy Flickinger

May 21: Stair Basket
Instructor - Wanda Haydt

June 18: Pinwheel Basket
Instructor - Wanda Haydt

July 16: Adirondack Style Purse
Instructor - Linda Dobinson

August 20: Willow Bird Feeder
Instructors - Lene Rasmussen, Frances Thorn

September 17: Twill Waste Basket
Instructor - Leslie Songer Terry

October 15: Algonquin Sewing Basket with Lid
Instructor - Linda Dobinson 

November 19: Open Weave to finish Algonquin Sewing Basket and other Projects
Potluck Meal at Noon

Monday, September 20, 2010

September Workshop

Instructor Dale Adamson provided a mountain of weaving material in every shade and texture for our driftwood baskets.  There were 15 in her class and 4 more members were there working on their own projects.

From placing the ribs

to weaving 

to the finished basket,

it was a great day.  Thank you, Dale.

Friday, September 3, 2010

July/August Garden Harvest Basket Workshop

An attractive and useful basket, a challenge for our members

First steps with the wooden base

Teacher Linda demonstrating a technique to student Lorna

This was a large class of experienced basketweavers

Some members bring their own projects - willow skein work in progress

Show and tell, here with a summer's willow weaving

Proud teacher Linda with some of her students

Saturday, June 26, 2010

June Willow with Jo Campbell-Amsler

Four classes of rib construction – willow baskets – turned into a big success thanks to Frances who put it all together. Not only did she arrange to have Jo Campbell- Amsler, a renowned rib-style willow weaver and teacher from Iowa, come to teach the classes, she also donated the majority of the willow for the baskets. To prepare for the classes she made and dried frames and cut lengths for ribs and soaked all the weavers for the 48 baskets – a huge job, so a BIG THANK YOU goes to you, Frances!

Jo had brought a selection of her beautiful baskets and guild members had picked four designs for the workshops. Photos of the basket designs selected for the workshops are at the blog post about the 2010 program.
The fun started on Saturday when we made The Gypsy Melon Basket. Some of us had never worked with willow before, for others the rib-style weaving was a new experience, but we all had fun and helped along by Jo’s instructions we each created our own unique basket.
Sunday’s Wisteria Bowl gave room for a lot of creativity and the end result was a lot of beautiful, very different looking bowls and trays – woven with willow and wisteria vines on a wisteria frame.
My favorite basket was the Willow Ridge Herb Basket – the object for Monday’s workshop.

Jo demonstrating how to replace a rib on a Willow Ridge Herb Basket under construction.

Tuesday, our last project was the Charm Basket – everyone concentrating here getting it all right. The handle is made from corkscrew willow and when finished small charms are attached, dangling from the ends of the handle.
This was my first meeting with the guild and I truly enjoyed all four days, learning from Jo and meeting some great, great women – looking forward to next time.  Lene.

Watch for posts on members' blogs:  Willows and Weaving Willow

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

April Melon Basket Workshop

I joyously participated in Cherilyn Fontana’s Melon Basket workshop on April 17th.  She led us so smoothly and painlessly through the basket steps, it was hard to imagine coming home with anything less than a flawless result.  I wasn’t the only one who appreciated the continuously calm and patient approach of Cherilyn and the equally skilled Gina Zientara, who assisted. 

A bonus opportunity was being able to try out some unfamiliar but very useful tools which were available for purchase.  I particularily love my new scissors and shaver.  It was a fun day and I wouldn’t hesitate to take a workshop with Cherilyn again if I got the chance.  Janice T.

Everyone celebrated the guild's 7th anniversary with a piece of luscious chocolate cake!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

March Gourd Workshop

What a great day!  Thanks to Catherine for all of her hard work in putting together this workshop.  So many options to little time.  I had a great time doing this workshop.  As always, everyone had chosen colours and textures that I wish I had done.  I was really pleased with the way the open coiling was more freestyle and allowed for a variety of placements.  Add in some beading and some textured yarn and Voila!...coiling masterpieces!  I did have some issues with breaking my needles but three was the charm and completion was a success.  There was a lot of giggling followed by ooohs and aaahs that day that makes these workshops priceless.  Edy M.

Photos by Linda I.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Basketweaving Ahoy!

A what?!  Yes, a basket weaving cruise from chilly Port Canaveral to Nassau to beautiful and warm St. Thomas and San Marteen and back.  I'm not a foodie or a night owl, but Dolores vonRosen convinced me to sign up with news of the basket activities and wonderful description of her friend, Jane, for my cabin mate.

The trip was like a basket conference but on a giant ship holding almost 4000 guests and 1400 staff waiting on you with a smile.  It was complete with top notch teachers, a beautiful weaving room just for us, and about a hundred down to earth, creative, friendly weaver-types.  We had 3 days of weaving and 3 days of port tours, beaches, and sailboats.  Jane and I enjoyed a balcony room, which I highly recommend for people like me who get a bit claustrophobic.  The views of dolphins, birds, sunrise/set and islands from the balcony big enough to weave on, if desired, was worth the extra cost.

Our assigned dinner table of 10 had 6 weaving addicts and the men and children that serve them.  For 2 hours each night we had non stop fancy, rich food and hilarity.  Flo Hoppe's son, Jason, and vonRosen's daughter, Viveka, kept us laughing until our cheeks were sore.  With each day our added pounds pressed harder on our chairs to alarm our other cheeks.

This group is planning another cruise in 2012 to Costa Rica and Panama on a smaller ship.  So start saving.