Sunday, November 20, 2011

October/November Sewing Basket Workshop

The photograph speaks for itself.  Instructor Linda successfully led her students through the steps to creation of these stunning sewing baskets and the proud smiles of the students are a testament to her skill.

Today was devoted to construction of the ornate lids.  The atmosphere in studio 2 was calm but rich with the pleasure of gathering together to share the enjoyment of basketmaking.  Translation:  we had a great time!

Julie writes:  Weaving a lid for a basket - Success!
I've finally done it and with some practice I think that I may attempt a basket with a lid again.  This was the second guild meeting devoted to an Algonquin Sewing Basket and most people in the class were smiling by the end of the workshop.  We were done, our lids fit and the baskets looked great.  Very few people were taking home unfinished baskets that would be waiting to be completed - just another item on the To Be Finished List.  Weaving this basket presented new techniques, thus making it challenging, but the results are terrific and I have a real sense of accomplishment.  Now it's on to the next basket.  I can hardly wait.  Thank you, Linda!