Thursday, August 16, 2012

July Workshop

Minnesotan Bit by Basket Bug

Karen Kotecki (a legal aid lawyer, pro weaver, fun person) and Debbie Mroczenski (in corporate customer service and accounts, pro weaver, fun person) arrived at my place in Windsor from Wisconsin Friday in time for supper.  My sister Jan, was here from Minnesota and it was party time. We all clicked. They were surprised that Jan had never made a basket and was going to make this intermediate quatrefoil just like she was one of us pros.  Like, who let her sign up, anyway???  Well, I knew she would do fine and promised I would help.

On Saturday bright and early, Karen and Deb, her sidekick, were eager to start the Footed Quatrefoil Provender basket workshop in Chatham.  Good demonstrating, good walking around checking/helping assured a beautiful basket for each.  Yes, it was tricky in places, but the demos, the pattern and graphics were very helpful and clear.  Jan was doing fine and got little help from me until the next day when we did the rolled rim.  Jan caught on fast, has good visual-spacial abilities, artistic sense, patience and perseverance.  She finished it and flew home with it on her lap!  Then went home, looked up the Minnesota Guild and signed up for 2 workshops in the fall.  How's that for fulfilling our guild's mission of growing the art of basket weaving?  Thanks Karen and Deb and all in our guild who made this happen.

Andrea organized dinner at a great restaurant in town and though tired, we weren't grouchy - maybe loopy.  Thanks, Andrea.  Thanks, Linda, for organizing.  Thanks, Frances, for keeping track of the workshop finances.

Submitted by Nancy.