2020 members’ pandemic baskets

Guild members creativity!
 Although the Southwestern Ontario Basketry Guild’s workshops were postponed this year, due to COVID-10 restrictions, our members were busy weaving baskets on their own. Here are photos of some of the industriousness and creativity of our members.

Louise MacDougall
Louise MacDougall: Woven paper basket
with encaustic and overlaid with waxed linen
knotless netting

Louise MacDougall: Ribbed basket woven with reed on driftwood

Louise MacDougall: Ribbed basket woven with reed on driftwood

Louise MacDougall: Variations of the market basket

Louise MacDougall: Series of woven rocks

Louise MacDougall: A commissioned
 basket highlighted by Jill Choate
 for the quarantine project share

 Deborah Dewbury

Elizabeth Holmes

Martina Obersat

Martina Obersat: My summer project -  practice willow weaving

Martina Obersat: willow trays

Martina Obersat: Ribbed egg basket

Martina Obersat: Ribbed basket with wrapped handle

Martina Obersat: coiled basket with rings

Martha Sands

Martha Sands: Cedar, birch and rush basket

Martha Sands: Ash and willow bark basket

Martha Sands: Reed basket

Martha Sands: Birch bark, turqoise and bear claw

Martha Sands: Gourd, reed and day lilies

Martha Sands: Gourd, beads and pine needles

Karen Kotecki

Karen Kotecki: Paper creations

Karen Kotecki: Bob the cat enjoying his basket

Karen Kotecki: Scooped


Cindy Hottot said…
all stunning ... time well spent. Inspirational. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…

Hello - I am enquiring about Jennifer Henry who was a member of your guild many years ago. I am hoping that she still is as I would like to get in touch with her. She lived in Kitchener at the time. Would you have a telephone number or email for Jennifer. My name is Wendy Petersen, cellphone - 416-906-2994. My email - wen.pet15@gmail.com
Thanks so much