Sunday, December 4, 2011

2012 Program

January 21:  AGM
Twill Banded Market Basket
Instructor:  Nancy Hager

February 18:  Finish Market Basket Handle
Begin Judy K Wilson Waxed Linen Kits

Your choice of kit.  Sample is "Beginnings Basket".

March 17:  Judy K Wilson Waxed Linen Kits
Resource Person:  Loretta Roberts

Your choice of kit.  Sample is "Del Rio".

April 21: 8th Anniversary Meeting
Ribbed Hearth Basket by Lyn Siler
Instructor:  Linda Dobinson

May 19:  Adirondack Backpack
Instructor:  Wanda Haydt

June 16:  Bean Pot
Instructor:  Julie Simpson

July 21:  Footed Quatrefoil Provender
Instructor:  Karen Kotecki

August 18:  Looped Rim Bowl by Ann Rolf
Instructor:  Linda Dobinson

September 15:  Decorative Overlay Wastebasket
Instructor:  Dolores von Rosen

October 20:  Beginner Willow
Instructors:  Frances Thorn & Lene Rasmussen

November 17:  Eva's Tote
Instructor:  Wanda Haydt

Pot Luck Meal at Noon


The Midnight Weaver said...

what a great basketry program. I'm Frank Rosbottom I live in Pembroke Ontario and I'm a very lonely basket weaver. how far from Pembroke are you. I would like to attend one of your lesson. Mybe I can bring some friends with me.

Jennifer said...

Very nice!!!

Jane said...

I like looking at all you've done "up there" in Ontario! The wastebasket (Delores') is beautiful. Wish I'd been there!
Jane H in Virginia