Monday, September 20, 2010

September Workshop

Instructor Dale Adamson provided a mountain of weaving material in every shade and texture for our driftwood baskets.  There were 15 in her class and 4 more members were there working on their own projects.

From placing the ribs

to weaving 

to the finished basket,

it was a great day.  Thank you, Dale.


Salix said...

Wow, what beautiful colours and lots of texture. Must have been fun to make the designs.

LonePine said...

This was a great workshop...I love working with naturals and the fuzzy bits. Can't wait to do one with antlers! Thanks to Dale for pointing us in the right was a great day.

Edy :)

willows3_us said...

So sorry that I missed the class. Looks like everyone did a beautiful piece.

jetennant said...

It was really enjoyable seeing everyone's basket come together. Each one was so different, a reflection of the weaver creating it.