Saturday, June 26, 2010

June Willow with Jo Campbell-Amsler

Four classes of rib construction – willow baskets – turned into a big success thanks to Frances who put it all together. Not only did she arrange to have Jo Campbell- Amsler, a renowned rib-style willow weaver and teacher from Iowa, come to teach the classes, she also donated the majority of the willow for the baskets. To prepare for the classes she made and dried frames and cut lengths for ribs and soaked all the weavers for the 48 baskets – a huge job, so a BIG THANK YOU goes to you, Frances!

Jo had brought a selection of her beautiful baskets and guild members had picked four designs for the workshops. Photos of the basket designs selected for the workshops are at the blog post about the 2010 program.
The fun started on Saturday when we made The Gypsy Melon Basket. Some of us had never worked with willow before, for others the rib-style weaving was a new experience, but we all had fun and helped along by Jo’s instructions we each created our own unique basket.
Sunday’s Wisteria Bowl gave room for a lot of creativity and the end result was a lot of beautiful, very different looking bowls and trays – woven with willow and wisteria vines on a wisteria frame.
My favorite basket was the Willow Ridge Herb Basket – the object for Monday’s workshop.

Jo demonstrating how to replace a rib on a Willow Ridge Herb Basket under construction.

Tuesday, our last project was the Charm Basket – everyone concentrating here getting it all right. The handle is made from corkscrew willow and when finished small charms are attached, dangling from the ends of the handle.
This was my first meeting with the guild and I truly enjoyed all four days, learning from Jo and meeting some great, great women – looking forward to next time.  Lene.

Watch for posts on members' blogs:  Willows and Weaving Willow

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