Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 program

The Southwestern Ontario Basketry Guild is proud to present the basketry workshops for 2019. The year promises to be filled with new processes and techniques.

January 19, 2019
Amy Jorgensen -  Woven trivet - all skill levels

February 16, 2019
Sandy Pacitto -  Chaine Maille bracelet - all skill levels

March 16, 2019
No workshop this month.

April 20, 2019
Amy Jorgensen -  Bunny Basket - all skill levels
Guild member Amy Jorgensen will teach a super easy bunny basket just in time for spring! Learn to use flat reed to weave a small basket and decorate with bunny ears and tail. We will also host a potluck lunch during the noon meeting.

May 18, 2019
Joyce Graves Tomlinson-  Waxed linen and cane vase - all skill levels
Joyce Graves Tomlinson will teach this beautiful wax cotton cord and cane vase (from her own pattern).

June 15, 2019
Amy Jorgensen -  Marilyn Parr ki- all skill levels

July 20, 2019
Martha Sands -  basket - all skill levels

Guild member Martha Sands will teach students to weave a small basket using locally-collected materials, such as sedges, willows, sweetgrass and a variety of woods and barks. Be creative!

***Please note: This Guild workshop will be held in Wallaceburg. Contact us for more info.***

August 17, 2019
Amy Jorgensen - Tool basket (basket with divider interior) - all skill levels

Guild member Amy Jorgensen will teach students how to weave a handy tool basket with a sturdy wooden interior divider. Learn to weave the flat reed sides, a twill band of colour and the basket rim lashing.

Friday, September 20, 2019 and Saturday, September 21, 2019

Gina Kieft from ginasbaskets.com will teach the Guild this month.

Friday workshops 
***Please note: The Friday workshop will be held in Windsor. Contact us for more info.***

Large Sock Bucket - beginner skill level

Start this large useful basket on an 11" slotted wood base. Choose two different contrasting colours to create a fun play in color that will add dimension. Top the basket with two round handles for easy carrying. Dimensions: 15" x 9"

Star Gazing - intermediate skill level

Weave this beautiful wall piece that everyone will gaze at and be star struck! Woven with black ash in your choice of colour; follow a simple twill graph. Emphasis is placed on keeping the spokes and weavers straight to fit even in the handmade spalted maple frame. The handmade spalted maple frame is included in the kit. Dimensions: Unframed: 9" x 3"   Framed: 4" x 10"

Bargello Medallion - advanced skill level

Working with five different sizes of Black Ash, learn to follow a graph to weave this beautiful framed wall piece. Choose the colour to weave with. Keeping the piece straight and even to fit in the frame will be the emphasis in the pattern. The handmade 8 x 10 barn wood frame is included with the kit. Dimensions: Unframed: 6 ½" x 8 ½"    Framed: 8" x 10"

Saturday’s workshops

Old Smokie  - beginner skill level

Woven with smoked reed, learn an open weave base while shaping the basket sides around a Williamsburg handle. Add curls for an eye catching side embellishment. Dimensions:  12" x 12" x 13"

Stepping Stones - intermediate skill level

This beautiful twill weave pattern includes 3/3 twill and over 1/under 1 weaving to create an eye catching design with a colour of your choice. A notched handle will top the basket for easy carrying. Double lash the rim with waxed linen. Dimensions:  11" x 7" x 6" (10" at handle)

Snow Day - advanced  skill level

Created during a Michigan snow day, an advanced project starting with a base in your choice of color. Learn continuous weave, four rod wale with step ups, spoke insertion and spoke separation, all while working on shaping up the sides of the basket. The rim is a variation of the trac border using the dyed spokes. Dimensions:  10" x 5½"

October 12, 2019
***Please note: This Guild workshop is the second Saturday in October!***

Nancy Hager - Tapestry basket woven on a mold with naturals and linen threads - all skill levels
Nancy Hager will teach students how to weave using a mold. Once the base is complete, there are no rules–weavers are encouraged to be creative! Students are free to use a variety of materials (naturals and threads), colours and ornament. Students are encouraged to bring in beads, pendants, etc. to personalize their basket.

November 16, 2019
Debbie Bigham - Cane stool - all skill levels

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