Monday, July 27, 2009

June and July Cathead with Feathered Corners

The June/July program involved 18 members making a lined cat head bread basket with feathered corners. This basket incorporated many "firsts" for a number of us. The bottom of the basket was woven in a 3/3 twill, and then the sides were woven in a chase weave, using flat and round reed. With much manipulation, the "cat ears" were formed at each corner, with a little help from an elf who went around to the struggling weavers. Feathering the corners was a delight. To me, the embellishment looked like a wheat sheaf, an appropriate emblem for a bread basket, but I wanted the sheaf to stand out against the basket. So I took out what I had done, and after dyeing the basket in a walnut dye, I redid the feathered corners in flat oval. The light/dark contrast of the feathering against the walnut-dyed basket gives the basket a finished look. The removable liner was inserted with a double circumference of thick round reed looped through the sewn pocket at the top of the liner. Another successful program for the SOBG. Thanks to all the leaders.

Woodland Weaver